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So Far Yet So Near

This is a true story which I myself had encountered. It was when I had my exams and stayed outside with my friend at Sunplaza Park to study. We studied till 4am and decided to go back home at that time as we were so tired. So we walked back home as our house is quite nearby. We walked along the road beside East View Secondary School towards our block in Tampines, block 400+.

As we walked, I saw a woman just across the road and she was wearing kebaya and kain batik (malay traditional clothes old people love to wear). She was looking at our direction and I quickly told my friend to look. My friend told me not to stare at her and don’t say anything. I was trembling and decided not to look at her.

Suddenly I saw somebody crossing the road from my sideview. It was the lady! She’s walking towards us and still looking at us and smiling. Her smile looks evil and her face doesn’t look that friendly. This time, me and my friend walked faster. It seemed that the lady was already near us. We never looked at her. When she walked passed me, I knew she’s still staring at us. I just looked down without turning my head. I won’t dare anyway.

Suddenly the lady voiced out in malay,”Anak nak pergi sekolah eh nak?” It means,”Child, are you on your way to school?” We never dare to say anything. We just walked as fast as we could. I don’t know why we never run. Maybe we are too scared to think of anything and won’t that to think that it was a ghost.

Then out of curiousity, I looked back to check where the lady was. I was so shocked as the lady was no where to be found. It was just seconds away and she’s gone. It cannot be because even if she had walked fast, we’d still be able to see her from far. Then I looked at my friend, then suddenly we heard a woman’s voice laughing. The voice seemed so far, but I can feel that the ‘thing’ was just near me. I remembered people said that if the voice is far, it means that ‘thing’ is near us. This time, we confirmed that it was a ghost and I am sure that it’s the voice of the lady we saw. We quickly ran and since I had reached my friend’s block, I decided to spend the night at her place instead as I was too scared to go back alone. It was really scary and till now, I can still recall the lady’s face.

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