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The “White Man” Story

This is actually a second-hand story that my mom told me a few years back. The current house that we are staying is the third house that we already have shifted to.

The incident happened to the very first house that my parents had of their own.Actually we had stayed there for like three to five years when this happened.

My mom had a room of their own and me of course had a room of my own too at the very tender age of three. But there would always be a time where i would come knocking over my parents’ room in the middle of the night. My mom getting sick of me knocking nearly each night at their door started to just let her bedroom door wide open, no matter if there was only the two or three of us(my father sometimes had to work night shift)left in the house.

Then came one night when she left her bedroom door wide open expecting me to do my ‘ritual’ thingee in the middle of the night. But she was wondering why that night she couldn’t fall asleep as easily as other night…

She kept tossing around her body on the bed. After tired of doing so, she stopped tossing and faced her face to her bedroom door. Guess what she saw….

A man looking very ‘waraq’(strictly religious) with fairly long, white beard. He was wearing this long ‘jubah’(a long sort of baju kurung till the ankle length which is usually white in colour, most of the time worn by the Arab men). He was facing my mom looking very stern.

My mom being a weak hearted woman, decided to just take her bolster and covered her face and started to mumble what ever holy sentences that she could until Mr. Sun showed himself to the world. I guess she didn’t have the guts to take few steps and shut the door. When this happened, I was sleeping soundly in my own room.

The next night, she left the kitchen lights on and called me to accompany her sleep in the same room. As a young kid, I took that offer happily without thinking what had actually happened the day before. She kept this incident to herself until I was mature enough to understand what was happening. I was having this goose bumps and my hair stood when I heard this from my mom. Lucky for me and my other siblings now that we are living in a different house.

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