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Dont Look Back!

I used to walk across bishan park after sending my ex home so that i can take a bus straight to my house. Bishan park at night can look very creepy at times…. at first, i do feel a bit scared to pass across the park due to the minimal light found. There is lamp post and stuffs but it is barely sufficient to make myself confident of passing through.

There was this particular night where i really felt unsure of cutting across it… however, i built up my courage and go on the usual way. Furthermore, that is the easiest way back home without having to change buses. I chose conveniency over my safety in this matter. As i passed across, i noticed a black figure underneath a tree. It looked like a lady from a far and it is walking closer towards me. I thought nothing of it. As i walk further and when the figure was nowhere in sight, i heard someone whispering into my ears. It was very distinct. It said, “Dont look back and run!”

I followed the whisper and quicken my steps. Then i heard footsteps behind me. Due to curiosity i turned my head behind. To my horror, there was nobody! The first instinct i had was to run… i didnt even wait for the bus as i was afraid the “thing” is still following me. I ran all the way home.

That night i wasn’t able to sleep. I felt there was someone else’s presence in my room. I switched on my radio hoping it will distract my attention… however, just minutes after, it was turned off! I dont know what happened next but when i woke up in the morning, i was sleeping in my kitchen!

I never told my ex anything bout it and since then i stopped sending her to the doorsteps of her home. At the most, i would only send her to the bus stop where i will take a bus back to Ang Mo Kio interchange where i’ll change to another bus. I will definitely not walk across bishan park anymore. NOT WHEN I’M ALONE!

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