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Ghost Hunt in Punggol and Tarsyell

Hello again! I am back with more stories. If you have read my stories “Ghost Hunt at Bidadari” and “Cycling in Desaru”, I think you can’t wait to hear the next one. This ghost hunt was done recently by my brother and I.

30th September 2001.

30th September is my birthday. So my brother organise a ghost hunting trip as a present for me. How thoughtful of him:) Anyway, he managed to gather two of his friends to come along.

As a start, we went to our usual Prata Stall in Simpang Bedok for supper. We proceed with our plan for the night when the clock struck 11:45pm. We drive to Punggol Jetty. We look for the alter that my friends went before. We found it, it does look creepy and we went nearer. Suddenly, a voice was calling out to us. MAN!!! It sure beat the creeps out of everyone of us. It was one of the anglers fishing at the jetty. He told us not to distrub the unknown. Fuuuh!!! Luckly, is was a man. If not, we were to piss in our pants:) Since we were warned by a person, we proceed to our next plan. The houses in Punggol that many paranormal seekers went.

We reached the houses but one of my brother back out. He told us to trust him and he will tell when we are out of Punggol. His face was pale. When I say pale, I mean very pale. The moment we drove out of Punggol, he told us that he felt something brush against his back then someone whispered to his ears. I believe him but not his friends. They say that there are no such thing like ghost. My brother and I said nothing but just continued driving. One of his friends said that this outing was boring. Nothing thrilling at all. So I decided that we took them to an Old Castle in Tarsyell. It is near the Botanical Gardens.

Well, we reached Tarsyell. We park the car in front of the gate. My brother and I wait outside knowing the things and the unknown that is inside but we did not tell them. We want them to find out on their own. Not even five mins later, they running back and shouting at us to start the engine. Well, my brother and I got into the car and wait for them and we move off as fast as we could.

They were panting and breathless to speak. Finally, they manage to talk. They told us that they were walking through when suddenly they heard horses running towards their direction. Common sense will say that there are no wild horses in Singapore. So that’s the mystery. Are the horses real? Were my brother’s friends making up the story? If they really made up the story, why were they panting and breathless since they say they don’t believe in ghost?

It is for me to know and you to find out. More Stories on Old Castle in Tarsyell and my ghost hunting adventures to come…Just look out for the story Beginning with “Ghost Hunt …..” Till then goodbye…

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