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The Lift

I’ve stayed in Jurong for the past three years. This incident happened when I was only sixteen and had just finished my O’level streaming examination. The hot topic in my residential area that time was about a chinese couple that was burnt in a lift @ Blk 647 Jurong west st 61………..

Like everyone knows, we should take a break after all the hard works’and stress in school. What I decided to do for my break was to have some enjoyment before school re-open. My classmate was having a slumber party at his place and invited few of my other classmates over bcos his parents was out-station on business.

At 9 o’clock sharp, I made my way to his place and had not been thinking of anything else except to enjoy. His flat was just 3 blocks away from mine so I don’t mind about walking alone. When I have reached the lift of his flat, suddenly I felt a chill down my spine and also felt a sudden gust of wind passed me. Then I talk to myself,” Wow why the sudden, funny rite! “. I tried to overcome my fear but I felt like someone was pestering me to take the left-end lift. With no questions in my thought I just made my way thru the lift door and press the level I wanted to go to. I’ve been looking around the lift cos I felt so weird.

All of a sudden, the lift stopped. I was shocked. Then I remembered that the chinese couple was burnt in that same old lift I was in. That fear only came to me when I can see an image of a couple outside the lift. I nearly broke down to tears. But in 1 minute, it disappeared into thin air. I prayed hard that this incident will end so that I can enjoy. Within 5 seconds, the lift door opened. I rushed to my friends place and told them about what happened. The other 3 of my classmates had encountered the same thing. Then one of us remembered, it was Friday night. Luckily I wasn’t burnt by their spirits. Hehehehe….!

After a few months, the police had finished their investigations on that case. They found out that the victims ashes is still under the basement of the lift. Maybe that is why I was disturbed? To free the spirits from wandering… The lift was also renovated.

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