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This is encountered by my sis and her friends and me.

It was Friday evening. Usually during this time, me, my sis and few other friends would go for cycling at a park near our estate. Yes, on that day itself, I don’t feel good at all. Don’t know for what reason, I was trembling like hell.. I never felt like this before as it’s not my first time cycling there!!!

While we were cycling, I told my sis and a few of other friends that I was tired. I’m not able to cycle anymore and I told them to go ahead without me. I’ll catch them later. This is the interesting part… Babe…

While I was sitting there all by myself (it was about 9 plus..), suddenly i heard someone breathing noisily behind me. My hair stands.. I turned around but there was no one!! The place was so quiet. I suddenly saw an old man staggering slowly towards the inner part of the park. I was shocked. He never turned back. He suddenly disappeared in the dark..

Out of fear, I took my bike and cycle off. I cycled as fast as I could hoping that I could find my sis and her friends. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. I was sweating badly. I decided to get out of the park cos, I’m really AFRAID!!!!!!!!! I passed by a block of houses and saw my sis and her friends sitting looking so shocked!

“What happened to you people? Why u look at me like that? As if you saw a GHOST!” I asked.

“Where were u? What took u so long?” exclaimed my sis.

“Listen alrite! I was searching for you people. Where were u? I encounetered something eerie. This is not the best place to talk.” I stammered.

“We faced the same thing. I thought I saw u just now. I cycled past you and called out your name. This lady turned around and she suddenly laughed at us!! Her face exactly like you!! Are you trying to play pranks or what?” shouted a friend.

“No, I’m not! I was actually sitting at the playground in the park. That’s not me!” I exclaimed.

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