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Last Goodbye

Hello there, to all of you ghost story buffs like myself. Well, today I would like to share an experience with all of you. It’s not scary but rather a very sad one for me.

You know how people always talked about getting visitations from the spirit of people who had just died or on their deathbed? I received one such visitations when I was 7 years old.

My grandfather and I were very close as I was his only grandchild. We took our meals together, he would give me a piggy ride to and from school, he would buy my favourite food. In short, he spoilt me bad up to the extend that my parents dare not scold me in front of him.

One day, he was admitted to the hospital. It seemed that he had collapsed on his way to the market. He was later disgnosed with lung cancer and since it was in the advance stage, the doctor advised my family that he has 48 hours or less to live. It seems that he knew about his illness but kept quiet as he refuse to get any treatment.

He was very ill and when I visited him in the hospital, he was so weak that he could barely hold my hand. I cried all the way home. That nite, when I was sleeping, I had the strangest dream. I was looking out the from the kitchen window when I saw my grandfather flying at me. He entered the window and just stand staring at me with his sorrowful eyes. He touched my cheek and he was gone. And I was awakened by the telephone ringing. I got up and stand at my bedroom door looking at my mum who answered the phone. She looked distraught and started to cry. My grandfather had just passed away.

I guess that he was just visiting me for the last time before he leave me forever. I will always miss him and may Allah bless upon his soul!

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