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Spooky Hotel

I worked in The Grand Hyatt Hotel for 3years. One day I had to prepare my backlane items for breakfast on the 3rd floor. And when I say backlane-it really means BACKLANE. The third floor backlane is really creepy. Its just a long rows of doors[doors lead to the function rooms]& there I was all alone putting the partition door in place when suddenly goose bumps just broke all over my body! I felt there was someone or something just looking at me. The place was really dark that time & it was around 6.30am in the morning. Hell if I was to run out it would take me around 2 mins just to reach the main door. So I just open one of the backdoors & DARKNESS JUST STARED BACK AT ME!!!! I slammed the door shut & just ran out the main door.

Upon reaching, my handphone rang & it was one of my colleague. He called to see where I was. He told me that same morning before while he was unlocking the doors, he heard a woman singing at the BACKLANE & things being moving around as if there was someone cleaning the place!!! You see, we were the only two staffs who working at 6am that morning.

Rumour we heard that long time ago, an ang-moh actually hanged himself at the backlane. There was also an incident in which one of my supervisors saw a woman in white at the end of the hall on the 3rd floor.

P.S try asking any staffs who works there. Sure they have alot of details to fill You in…….

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