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A Girl

Before my NS days, i used to jog everyday at the park near my flat. I would always see this beautiful young girl jogging. We almost see each other everyday and i had grown so used to seeing her.

There was this whole week when i didn’t see her, i wondered but had soon forgotten about her. 1 month after the dissappearance, she appeared again looking as lovely as before. I wanted to approach her before she goes missing again. But a browse of the obituary page in the staits times changed my mind. I couldn’t believe that they looked identical.

That night, i went jogging again and there she was. I was tempted to ask her what happened but i didn’t. I never see her that much nowadays. Only when the chinese 7th month came was when i could see her, running downstairs my park just like everyother days.

12 years had passed since my NS days and she still looks the exact same when i look out of my window during the 7th month..the beautiful girl whom i used to see everyday. When i asked friends living nearby, no one saw her before but they did remember a girl by the name of Clare…

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