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This happened to my auntie. She is a nice lady and everyone admire her beauty. One of her neighbour, jamal (not real name), was so attracted to her and told his mother about it. Jamal’s mother went to my auntie’s house to meet my grandma to talk about the marriage. But my auntie disagree with the marriage. When Jamal’s mother broke the news to him, he was so disappointed and came up with a stupid idea.

That night itself, Jamal went to meet a bomoh. Jamal told him the story. So they decide to make my auntie’s life miserable. Over at my aunt’s place, as normal while she was doing her maghrib prayers, suddenly she screamed like hell. Everyone in the house were shocked. By that time, she already remove her ‘tudung’. When i was in her bedroom to see what’s happening, I saw her hair was growing longer and longer until it touches the floor. She look so ugly. She was still screaming and howling at the same time. We were all crying and praying for her safety.

Out of the blue, she stood up and jump from the floor to the bed. Her eyes were so red and evil. She scold anyone who went near her. I called my father and told him. He arrives minutes later, by then, my aunt was about to jump out the window. My father order her to stop immediately. They were as if playing catching. My father instruct us to leave the room while he attend to my auntie.

Behind the door, i heard my father saying out holy words loudly and my aunt asking for help. Her voice was so eerie. 30 minutes later, he came out and told us to look after my auntie. We saw her in a restless state. Her hair was back to normal and my father told my grandma that this was Jamal’s trick. From that day onwards, we try to avoid Jamal’s family. She’s now married with 2 kids. But during her wedding ceremony, one by one seems to faint and her husband seems to be in a bad mood. We know why but just keep the matter at rest.

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