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The bomoh power

I remembered this story. Some sort of 6 years ago. Happened to me. I lived right beside the flat of the well renowned bomoh in Tampines. Though i have witnessed many seance and sort of things, I will tell u guys the most frightening experience.

It all started when a guy Rizal(not his real name) go army. The night in his barrack, he saw a woman’s head flying above him but he just kept quiet and played dead. Next morning, he told all the other recruits bout the incident nite before. Than during training Rizal started feeling sick and he felt into a deep trance and fainted, the spirit of the headless woman had possesed him. Rizal’s parent were informed and he was brought home. He will always attempt to commit suicide and laugh all nite long from dusk till dawn and when dawn breaks, Rizal will turn back to himself normally.

His parents brought him to many doctors but his condition is still the same, until they went to meet this bomoh living in tampines. The day Rizal was brought to that bomoh’s place, i could see Rizals eyes as red as chilli and the ways he looks at someone is as if he was piercing at with full of evil.

The bomoh started by chanting a few verses from the holy Quran and Rizal started to shiver and attacked his relatives who were holding him and the bomoh started to chant even louder and place his arms together as one(the malays should know what i mean). Later, he as if gained much power in his hands, pushed out the energy in his arm at Rizal which send Rizal into the air. The spirit has left Rizal’s body and Rizal regained conciousness.

Rizal went home after the spirit was brought out. LATER that nite, Rizal’s younger brother Ali (not hi real name) aged 17 was kinda restless, he wondered why. Sleeping in such a way he was facing the common coridor outside, he suddenly felt an urge to open the window in his room. When he opened, he saw the headless thing and this time, he was the one possesed on the spot itself.

Ali’s screams awakened his parents. And they have to send Ali to the bomohs place again. This time, Ali could or the spirit did not want to get into the bomoh’s house, hesitantly he was dragged inside by his relatives. The bomoh began reciting holy verses and this time Ali stood up and ran outside the house at the corridor and started to climb the parapet wall. He was saved by his relatives. The bomoh read some verses and finally brought out the spirit out of Ali’s body. This time the bomoh gave all the family members a black string which have to be worn in fear if the spirit returns again and also a talisman to be hung at all windows and doors.

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