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This incident happened when i was 21 years old. I was working as a sales assistant at a shop in old Upper Thomson Road near Nee Soon Camp.

The place was actually located near the Seletar River. When I started work, I was told that the back room (where the toilet is) was haunted. There’s a male ghost in the back room. Our stocks was kept in the back room so whenever we need to do stock up, we have to go there. The backroom was actually opened space but a robbery occured so it was covered up. Therefore no sunlight was able to come in. It makes the room very dark. I remember feeling very spooky whenever i was inside.

While one afternoon when i was working, I was so urgent i need to go to the toilet. So i ask my collegue to look out the counter for me. Quickly I ran inside to the toilet,(the toilet was also in the back room) I bang the door close as i was very very urgent. The toilet was of the old design. The squarting type and flush which you have to pull. I strip my jeans and pee. Whew!! at last! After I finished my business, I stand up and I buttoned up my jeans.

When i was about to pull the string connected to the flush, somebody pull it for me! I mean right in frount of my eyes i saw the string being pulled and the toilet was flushed!!! I was stunned and puzzled. Then i suddendly realized that this toilet doesn’t have a auto flush system!!!

I ran out of the toilet shouting for my collegue. I told her what happen. She believed it. She told me that before me, there was an indian guy being locked inside the toilet. How hard he kicked or pull, he couldn’t open the toilet door. Until he broked the door, then, he was able to flee himself.

I told myself from that day onwards, i make sure that i’ll only visit toilet with auto flush system even if it flush itself. I’ll not be afraid, i’ll tell myself don’t worry, its “auto”.

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