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Late Night Fishing

I am a die hard fisho. This incident happened 5 years back but till now I can still remember every single details of it.

I was a year 2 polytechnic student at that time and was planning to explore some fishing sites immediately after my exams. We intended to find by day and fish at night. As I’m staying in Yishun, my friend and I went to explore a nearby site located at Yishun Ave 4. You have to drive in. Its a enduring trip if you walk to the site. This site is a renown place. Many people called it Yishun Prawn Pond and there’s a famous Buddhist temple. We explored the area the whole morning but were unable to get a good location and pray at the temple instead before we left.

In the end, we decided to fish at a floating jetty located at Lim Chu Kang End. The Coast Guard jetty is just beside it. You have to drive all the way down the Lim Chu Kang Rd. After all preparation, we set off for the trip via Mandai, Sungei Kadut, Sungei Buloh and Neo Tiew Rd. I was god-damn familiar with this route.

We reached there about 10pm. There was a taoist ceremony in progress. We didn’t think we were of any nusiance and proceed straight to the end of floating jetty. The area is dark and errie. Not very safe actually if you are not in groups. Its was a fruitless trip but the sea view and the beautiful sight across the straits opposite compensates all. We decided to pack up and leave at 5am.

Something happened on our way back. Thinking of that feeling now makes my hair stands. We were lost. It can’t be because I’m so familiar with that area. We were going round and round the same place even we make no U-turns. No matter what direction we headed ends at the same road junction. Its been almost an hour and no sight of daybreak at all. All three of us panicked. Its was unbelievable. There’s no logic for what is happening. At this moment, we were afraid of the so-called road block by forest ghost.

Thus we tried some crazy method that was said to be useful. Taking out our keys and shake it loudly. Then, we noticed a thick fog across the road ahead. We were really lost and had no choice but to make this last try by going through that fog. It worked!!. We were just right at the main road junction immediately. We were so happy! And still scared for sure. Thinking no more, we head straight back to Yishun.

Unfortunately, we had an accident. My car was so seriously damaged that it was beyond repair and had to be scraped. We too were seriously injured. All of us were warded for 2days. Guess where this happened? Right at the track entrance to the Prawn Pond Temple. Its impossible that we will come to this road as its not our way back home. None of us can recall what happened after we got out of the fog till that accident.

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