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Japanese Spotted

I served my National service with a prison department in a drug rehabilitation centre somewhere in Selarang Army camp, 3 years ago. My team was working at night which happened to fall on eve of friday.

Everyone was given duties and it happened to be my turn to do the petroling alone that night. I was supposed to clocked every check point on a specific time. It has been a practice for every one to clock in at the urine centre, last as it was far away from people and futher more it is the scariest place.

I heard stories from people who has ben working there for years. Lots of things have happened, sometimes at 3am you can hear the army march, gun shots, lady crying baby and many eerie voices. When i first heard about it, i thought it was the squad of army training in early morning but later on i find it something fishy….i heard people talking in japanese. I asked myself… i back in year 1942?

I keep my faith….anyway i will be charged if i did not clock the last checkpoint………As i walked down the path..i smell a flowering sense….It getting stronger as i walked futher. Dogs starts to make houling sounds. Sudennly, i saw a lady was hanging on the tree. She looked at me ….i tried to run…but my legs seems tired. She flied to me and called my name. I fainted. The next morning, my sergent wake me up…He asked me why i slept under the tree. I was shocked. I can’t say anything. I felt ill for a week.

After that incident, i requested transfer….

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