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Pulau Ubin

One day during the holiday, a couple of friends and myself, decide to go to Pulau Ubin to camp. There was around 10 of us, i couln’t remember the exact number. After about 1 hour ride of ferry and push bikes, we arriived at the site. I am not quite sure what the name of the place is but it is quite beautiful. Its a kind of place where you can see sun rise and all.

It was around 11.40pm and we had a bon fire going. The night was calm, no wind, no one, just the ten of us. we were just chatting and joking around, and daring ourself to do stupid things, like peeing in bushes( apparently it is not a “respectful” thing to answer to nature’s call without apologizing). We realised that at the time but we just didn’t care being all young and naive. I believed in those things, but some of my friends didn’t. So we decided to split into two groups, one who believed in “it” and one who doesn’t believed in “it”. We made deal that the people who managed to find things associated with supernatural themes becomes the winner of the game. The winner of the other team reserved the right to do whatever they want with the loser. Ok its round 12.12 am. We split and decide to meet up again in around 1 hour. We set our clock, and agreed final meeting place. And off we go.

Me and “fatty” being very close friends start scavenging for thigs. We found it pretty boring. Its around 12.23 am when fatty decide to let himself go in the nearby bushes. He was whistling some tune. I was waiting for him, with my back towards his. Suddenly, i heard a strange tune coming from nearby bushes. I sensed something strange. I asked fatty whether he heard the tune. He said no. I thought is just my mind playing games on me. He continued to pee again. Note: this happened with matter of seconds. Suddenly i heard someone laughing. It was a faint laugh, the kind of laugh that crazy people would give out. Sad, angry, at the same time, despaired laugh. I turned around and i saw fatty’s back of the head. I called out to him “pui kia kin laa!” anxiously. He didn’t respond. I tried not to ask fatty afraid that “someone” can hear me i repeated myself again, but no reaction. I decided to give him a light poke in the arm. He looked at me, slowly turning his head towards me, i saw the corner of his eyes bright white, his teeth become apparent yellow, his hairs with larvae and a disgusting smell. I gathered my courage and slapped him across the face twice. His face turned into this undescriable look, sort of double pesonality, one of his and one of “it”. I decide to call my other friends and we all chanted prayers, and he became fine.

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