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Strange Feeling

Have you ever had this uneasiness feeling that someone is watching you when you go to a place where it’s creepy and ancient.

I usually go to PD during my summer school holiday where my mum rents this bungallow which was built in the 60s.Well the town of PD looks very unatural to me because i always feel that i am related to this place but i just can’t explain it in words.I do believe in reincarnation however the whole thing doesn’t make sense.For example what has reincarnation has got to do with feeling uneasy about something which is unexplainable.

It was in the night where i actually encountered a presence of an unknown creature in the bedroom.I can’t see it but i just can feel the creature in my bedroom. In the beginning i thought that my mind was just playing tricks with me as you know when you have this fear and it can actually make you believe that there is something in there. However when i heard noises i know that i wasn’t going insane. I tell you that ever since i actually got that fear in my mind that some paranormal activity was taking place in the room i had to get out of the place immediatelly. I knew that there was some thing in there that night and it seems to me that it wants attention that it’s there.If you read “The Red Room” by H.G.Wells it actually tells you how i felt when i actually was in that room that paticular night.

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