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Guardian Angel? Or ‘Qs’?

Let me start by explaining what I meant by ‘Qs’. Qs is a so-called given name of a type of ghosts by me since the westerners do not recognise this ghost that I’m about to describe.
Qs’ appearance & description are as follows:-

1. they appear as human forms
2. they can be easily identified in the day, when in the night, they can be identified only under lights or rather, street lights since that’s what they have on the streets.
3. when under light, they appear to be translucent, in other words, you can see through them but not totally.
4. in the night, they look just like humans
5. Qs are really friendly ghosts, unless provoked, they would not harm you in any way.
6. Qs are also helpful ghosts. A little playful but not mischievous.
7. Qs wait for an appropriate time when they know they can trust the person, they’ll then appear before that person.
8. Qs’ faces are normally not clear to be seen, unless you go upclose and personal.
9. They would not communicate with human beings therefore, so far I don’t really understand Qs except for the above vague informations that I complied in my encounters of Qs.

Ok I’ll start my encounter actual.

It happened in Bugis Junction area. There’s this main road that separates Bugis Junction from the small pubs and cafe, if I’m not wrong, there’s a cafe called the Java or something like that and the opposite side is where Swendsen’s is. I was with my parents and my elder brother. We’ve just finished our dinner at Swendsen’s. I still remember that it was an early evening about 6.40pm… My father’s car was parked on the opposite road where a small coffee shop is. When we were half way crossed the road, which I was very sure no cars were coming towards my way at all. My parents and brother were already across the road and I was 3/4 away from the lane where my parents and brother were. Just when I was about to take another step, a car was speeding towards me! I was totally frozen on the spot. My parents shouted for me to run across but to me their warnings became muffled and of no use to me at all.

The car’s horn was also very muffled because I was illterally frozen on the spot, in the middle of nowhere. Just as I was sure that I’m going to be knocked down by the car, but from God knows where, someone or something pulled me across the road. The touch from that someone or something awaken me from my “frozen mode” and that’s when I saw a friendly young lady in her teens, maybe just elder than me by 2 years old (I was 16 years old then). When I was safely across the road, the speeding car driver shouted in Hokkien , “Don’t know how to jay-walk then don’t try to be an expert!!” I heard him shouting but didn’t bother to even look at him, my attention was on the lady who pulled me across the road safely, I could see through her but yet I can still see her face (upclose and personal), she smiled at me then ‘walked’ away slowly, that’s when my parents and brother ran to me and asked if I was all right. I turned to look at them and told them about the lady. When I turned and pointing the direction where she ‘walked’ away to, she was still ‘walking’. My parents and brother aren’t people who can see ghosts, but I could as I was born with the ability but they knew about my “sight”. I told them the lady is walking away, they couldn’t see her but knew that whatever that helped me was my guardian angel.

I still remember her smile vividly. Her smile gives me the comfort, like as though she wanted to tell me, “You are safe now. Go to your family and be a good person.” That feeling was overwhelming! On the same day, or rather night, I went home pondering about the lady who looked so familar to me. Then I remembered… She saved me not only that night. I was saved by her in many occasions… When I was 5, I was trapped in the lift with an auntie, I was just as frightened as that auntie, and I cried. Suddenly, the same lady appeared before me and pull her hand on mine. I looked up and she smiled. The same feeling I had when she smiled at me after pulling me across the road. The next thing I know, the lift was working again!! Including the near car accident I might have met, she saved me 11 times. She was a definite Qs but yet I can say that she might be my guardian angel. Whoever or whatever she was, I am grateful for her saving me…

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