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Haunted Hospital?

Hospitals are always one of the top few places where spooky stories are treated with respect. The only reason why this is so is because a hospital is one place where people die almost every other day. During the SARS period, a friend of mine was working in this ward which harbored all the confirmed cases which they called the “probable”. She said after that, strange occurrences like dark shadows or feeling “presence” is a norm.

For me personally i always feel spooked looking at those lonely corridors with dark rooms that looked like storeroom or whatnot that is really spooky if you were to look inside. I heard that one good indication of their presence is when things get misplaced or things disappears only to appear an unlikely location.

I’ve heard of cleaners talking about meeting rooms being messed up completely eventhough it wasn’t been used for a while and had been locked all the time. One of my friend is a nurse who works at the night shift. As night nurse, they have to make their rounds every other hour to ensure everything is okay and whats famous in her hospital was on a certain level, at a specific corner, when walking along the corridor, a faint buddhist chanting would fill the air. Then there was also stories about call bells being sounded repeatedly though the bed wasn’t occupied. For me, personally i do admire the courage of those nurses who had to pit their courage against of all things the unknown in the wee hour. Do you have the same courage as them?

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