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North Korea warns US of ‘horrible nuclear strike’ which will bring about its ‘final ruin’

NORTH KOREA boasts that it is now a “world military giant” and has threatened a “nuclear strike” on the US.

The hermit state says it is ready to launch a devastating attack which will see its enemies meet a “miserable and final ruin”.

The message comes amid rising fears of World War 3 breaking out on the Korean peninsula.

The mounting crisis in North Korea has left frightened citizens around the world fearing the outbreak of a global military conflict.

As Kim Jong-un continues to test Donald Trump’s patience with a series of missile launches, time is beginning to wear thin on the President’s promise to fight the hermit state with “fire and fury”.

Last week, the communist state warned that “nuclear war may break out” at any moment in a direct message to the US and Trump.

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