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Spooky Lift

I used to travel very often. It was 1st day of the hungry ghosts festivals. I stayed at C**** P**** hotel Beijing it was gloomy day I went out to buy food and some stuff then come back to the hotel before night. It was going to sunset when I reach hotel. I stayed at 15 floors. I was inside the lift for awhile then the door open I step out walk to my room to my surprise it on 3rd floor. I guess i was too tired and when to the wrong floor.

Then i went back to take the lifts. It was the same lift again. I press 15 floor. Waited awhile i felt the lift is moving up however the door open at 3rd again this time I felt uneasy. I press 15 floor many time to ensure the life goes up. Then next floor it stop at 13th floor. I press close button quickly and run back to my room. When i reach my room I have difficulties access my door.

My colleagues was staying next door I knock his door no answers then I press the door bells the button of the door bells drop off. I felt scared and uneasy and try open my door this time I could open. I quickly go in my room. The next day I asked my colleague why you didn’t answers me when I knock the door he said he heard nothing. But I’m sure I know very hard. He wasn’t sleeping or in shower room. Well is creepy… to explain what had happened.

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