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Clementi Town Secondary

I heard rumours about my school is haunted. There are places whereby many people saw things.

The D&T room. Many people are saying that they saw a head lying around the room due to the incident in the past about someone who’s using the D&T room, accidentally cut off his head while doing his D&T work.

Level 3 girl’s toilet. Many teacher told the students about it. I’ve went there before too. Teachers told us that the toilet is haunted due to some reason. Once, i went there because i was so urgent as my dance room is next to it, so i went and it was completely dark. It’s an automatic light. So the lights is on in a few minutes and once it’s on, i say something white like a cloth or something went inside the last toilet(where no one ever use it or maybe some) and a shadow. I quickly use the toilet and quickly wash my hands and leave.

The girls toilet in level 3, beside D&T room. It is believed to be a haunted toilet there because it’s believed to be a student that got pregnant, flush her baby down the toilet bowl and she died. People that went into the toilet says that they hear scratching, crying and sometimes blood flowing down the toilet bowl and went straight out of the cubicle.

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