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Flying Bottle Cap

I want to share an unusual incident, which happened to me last year in April. Its was my last paper in exam. When I came back home, there was no one at home. I changed and took a chilled water bottle from refrigerator and went upstairs to watch TV. I switched on the TV and went to collect clothes which were left there for drying. As I know that TV would take 3-5 mins to initialize(I have A Tata Sky). I was done with folding all the clothes. I was very thirsty so I took a sip from bottle. I was running out of breath because I was running up and down so couldn’t drink all at one go + the water was very chilled. I took a Sip and put the bottle back but I didn’t necked it up instead I put the cap reversely on the mouth of the bottle, as I usually used to do. I was searching for good shows on TV. Suddenly, I heard some TICK TOCK TICK TOCK kinda sound. I looked everywhere but just couldn’t find where the hell it was coming from. Again I wanted to drink some more water, I was about to pick up the bottle but what I saw was VERY WIERD! The cap of the bottle was flying in the air just above the mouth of the bottle. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I actually moved my finger in the space between the cap and the mouth of the bottle. The cap would fall back on the mouth of the bottle and again fly up. The TICK TOCK TICK TOCK sound was annoying. Though I when I told my Mommy, she was hell scared and throw the bottle the very moment after knowing. It was unexplainable as to why it was happening. This is still a mystery to me..

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