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Workers Got Possessed

This is my dad’s encounter. He did renovation works for a house which were mainly landed properties.

Apparently there was this property which he worked on that is not very clean. The property has a basement which was very poorly lit. One of the co-workers once went down to work and got possessed. He started talking in very strange tongues, eyes rolled back and when the other co-workers tried to held him down, he almost overpowered them. He was just unbelievably strong. So they shouted for help and my dad rushed down into the basement.

The interesting thing is that the minute my dad went down, the man saw my dad and he collapsed. So he and my mum went to a medium for consultation. The medium said that my the black face guy (one of the 2 guys from hell who catches ghost) was with my dad. When the spirit saw my dad, he got frightened and quickly ran away. So I supposed my dad has affinity with that being.

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