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Cemetery Trip

His incident happened in 1994, when I was 17yrs old. My friends and I (consists of about 5 guys n 4 gals)decided to pay a visit to Lim Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery. We were on an open pick-up driven by one of my friends.

Upon arrival at the cemetery at about 2300 hrs, the place was very quite with only the sounds of crickets and gusty winds fills the air. The place was quite dark, but the moonlight was the only source of light we have as we had turned off the pick-up headlight.

We then started our little adventure and when we were somewhere in the middle of the cemetery, we suddenly heard the sounds of crows crowing. We were feeling eerie at that pony of time when suddenly the crowing sound changed into the sound of baby crying.

Upon looking around, I spotted that we were near to the children graves. We then decided to leave the area and proceeded to another location. As were were passing by a lane, we then spotted a Malay grave with the earth in the center of the grave glowing in red(looks like volcano larva). We then heard a faint sound of human screaming in pain. At that point of time, I say enough is enough. We then decided to leave the cemetery as we feel that we were disturbing the dead resting in peace…..

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