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Eve Of Wedding Night

Since it the 7th month let me tell you what my late mother told me. My grand-father(mother’s father the Ng family)lived at (Pah Soon Bah) since world war two. It was my cousin’s(1st uncle’s daughter) wedding.

The bride was very excited and tired after she had prepared everything like ‘si tian jin’ and all the very china china potty and many more…

That night she finally fell asleep but suddenly she was woke up by the sound of the wooden drawer opening, under the mood light what she could see was the back of a women whom looked very much like her birth mother who had passed away many years ago. She was shocked stiff that her late mother came to see her dowry. And of course she told everyone the next day – they have many sisters and brothers.

After my 1st uncle’s first wife passed away, another women(actually I don’t know where he met her) just walked in with a bundle of clothes and she just became the second wife with no ceremony, if I am not wrong that time no need to go ROM.

As I heard from my late mother, the second wife had also given birth to many children, at that time they don’t go to school(world war two) as they were poor and they hardly speak English, so birth control is out of question.

There was this time when the second mother bullied the first wife’s daughter, first wife daughter said “you bully me never tonight my mother will come at see you.”

The next day the second mother became salt- salt(something not right) till today. Actually I’m not so sure whether is she still around because I had lost contact with her since my late mother passed away.

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