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There’s lots of spooks in Changi, so the stories goes – and one such entertaining tale did not convince me though, but will definitely enthrall the Asian audience!

But I do believe that it hold some elements of the truth.
There was a Malay bloke on his way back home one evening on his motorbike, after he had visited his beloved ‘Minah’, and he had spotted a Chinese woman in a red robe – and the cheeky ‘unfaithful’ bloke actually offered her a ride, at midnight!

She relented, and took up his kind offer, and the poor chap did not know what he was getting himself into until they arrived at a Chinese cemetery in Ponggol, and she alighted.
Matter of fact, she thanked him, but gave him the cold shoulder, and the lusty stooge courted her along the way, and gave chase when she would not ‘reward’ him with a fellatio act – and she fell, and he jumped at her, and forced himself against her will.

He stripped her bare, and his mouth watered, and caressed her while he raped her, and he ‘cum’ while she groaned, and then suddenly… She pounced at him like a ‘she-leopard’ and ate him while he begged and cried, and shouted for help… But it was too late!

He was never found, and she was still always available… waiting… for the time to come … and ponder who will be her next prey!

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