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Locked Toilets

When I was in primary 6, my school had these 2 toilet (boys & girls) beside the hall which were locked since my primary one. Teachers said that these 2 toilets are damaged and beyond repair, at that time, we actually believes our teachers.

Here’s what happened to me:

1) I was helping out at the school hall on an activity, when I felt the nature calls, which is kind of urgent

2) I rush out of the hall and to my surprise, that boys toilet outside the hall was not lock anymore. Though it was finally repaired, I rushed in without much hesitation.

3) As I’m in a rush, I did not bother to switch on the lights and fans inside.

4) After finished my small business, I want to wash my hands, but no water…

5) When I turn right towards the door (about 10meters away), the door slam shut. I was in a shock, don’t dare to look any where, I run straight to the door and luckily it opens. I then run to my friends who were still at the school hall and told them what happened. They were all curious and asked my to follow them to the toilet to take a look.
When they were at the door, it was still locked…

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