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Horror School

So I’ve experienced this ghost haunting things with my friends. I won’t mention their names.oh and my school GFPS. So this is my story..

My four guys bestfriends were ghost haunting in our school’s 3rd floor.(it’s such a coincidence that every floors that people say it’s haunted is mostly 3rd floor)Me and my classmate, D, saw went to them and asked them what were they doing.Not to mention but I’m a prankster..girl prankster. So i was acting that i saw the BLACK LADY my friend was referring to. After that..I posted on my twitter account that I was just acting. Then,the next day is when the heart-dropping happened. I was on the way to the girls toilet.near the haunted classroom..there was an auntie inside. After I went out of the girls toilet,the auntie said ‘ah girl..come..’ so I went near her. When she turned heart went ‘BOOM!’ as if she’s a transformer.sShe turned into a black lady. I informed that to my form teacher and my classmates about what happen. The pricipal went to our class and told us the story about that classroom. No wonder she doesnt want us to go to that classroom is because one of the cleaners last time had a heart attack there.

So to my fellow schoolmates who reads this.WATCH OUT…

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