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Spooky Corridor

I was reading on Kallang Bahru Blk 62 story when it reminds me of my friend who lives at Blk 65 also at Kallang Bahru.

This happened only couple of years ago. There was one period of time when my friend’s parents experienced disturbances coming from my friend’s room.

My friend, a guy in his 20′s, like other normal guys his age would come home late in the wee hours almost every other night. His room was located along the corridor and they were still using those zinc windows at that point of time. For several nights in a row in that particular week, his parents would hear the scratching sound on the zinc windows coming from my friend’s room at about 1 or 2am. The scratching noise was relatively loud as my friend’s parents who were sleeping in another room could hear it clearly. However, my friend whose bed is located beside the window apparently was unfazed by the noise.When his parents entered his room to check on the noise, he would be soundly asleep..

On one Thursday night, my friend’s father was woken up by the sound of somebody knocking on the front door. Thinking that it might his son who has forgotten his keys, the dad went to the open it..

The dad got a shock of his life. When he open the wooden door, he saw ‘her’ floating passed their unit along the corridor. He was in a state of shock and immediately shut the door.

It was only after this incident of seeing her that the scratching noise stopped almost immediately.

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