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The Spooky Radio

This happens to my house in Taman Jurong around 715pm one night. My parents and cousin were there too. My father was turning on the radio to listen to the ‘azan’(for Muslim people you should know what is that supposed to mean).

Me and my 2 sisters were eating some snacks in front of the radio and suddenly the volume of the radio went down. My mother scold my 2nd sister for lowering the volume as the ‘azan’ was still on but she said it wasn’t her so my mother ask her to turn up the volume like just now. And so she did.

After the ‘azan’ was over ,my uncles were getting ready for prayers. I think the ghost that lowered the volume of the radio had gone mad and started to hit the door of my brother’s room very hard. We all thought that there were something fell in the store room and one of my uncle when to check it out. Unfortunately, nothing had fallen. My mother,who was sitting on a wooden chair facing towards my brother’s room, saw a faded black thingy dash towards that room. So my father called a ‘bomoh’ to make the ghost go away. After the bomoh left the house, I can still feel the spirit in this house.

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