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Mount Ophir Haunting

It all happen on a trip when I was in secondary school and I am from Ncc. So I follow my school NCC and went on a trip to Mount Ophir. It was a combined inter school trip. The mountain was too high so we had to stay on base camp which is in the middle of mountain. The scariest part is that every night we could hear weird noise such as women carrying baby and women crying.

Although it is disturbing, we try to ignore it because there is rangers protecting us. But on the second night, things turn a bit uglier. During the nightfall, me and a bunch of friends was playing with the torchlight. So we shine everywhere and onto a tree. My friend claim to saw a “thing” hanging upside down. The description of the “thing” was it had a red eye ball, with claw and long hair.

So I thought he was kidding and went ahead to sleep. But i not used to the uncomfortable environment, so I was awake about 1 and half hours later.Something attack my tent. I thought it was the other NCC friend from other school was playing a prank on us. But there is no shadow or object or shape i can see from releasing such a force. I was very terrified. This is a story i would share. Because respecting nature is very important when u go to a haunted place like Mount Ophir.

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