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White Figure

I want to share a story, it didn’t happen to me but to my grandfather. It was told to me by my mother so i don’t really know where is it located.

When my grandfather was younger back at the old days. He use to work at this log processing factory that is situated near the river. It was usual night shift he is working. As per normal, he would go to one corner and take his small break eating his home made “bian dang a.k.a dinner box/supperbox in this case”.

He was sitting on a log eating his dinner when he saw this white figure rose from the ground. It had long hair covering its face but the eyes you can see. My grandfather was kind of shocked, but being a cool minded person he remembered the older saying that if u show to the “good brother” that you are scared you might just get sick or unlucky enough it might pester you. So what my grandfather did was he stared back at the “good brother” and after 5 min or so it slowly went back into the ground. And my grandfather continued eating his “bian dang”. It may sound unreal as everyone who see a “good brother” will be scared out of wits. But after a long time with him, i can see that he is almost not afraid of anything.

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