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The Human Shadow

A true story that I have experienced in my house at age 14. On a good Saturday morning I had woken up like around 7:30 a.m on my way to the bathroom i heard this crashing sound in the kitchen that sounded like if dishes falling down. I ran as fast as i could to the kitchen i chilled for a bit and when i got there, everything was normal clean. I go back to the bathroom and finish my duty. But that sound i heard it clearly enough to say it was a ghost or something. Starting to eat break fast, and all of a sudden i see the bananas floating in the for like 2 sec i got so scared that i got out of the house and was panicked. My neighbor saw me run and asked me what was wrong. i told him everything and told me a story that in my house and old guy like about 60 had died on front of the door.I couldn’t believe and i had barley moved there. So at night a relative from San Francisco visits. I had to give up my room as a guest room. So i slept at the living room with my brother.As my brother was sleeping i was watching the t.v when all of a sudden he just gets up and asks me to turn of the t.v in a mandatory voice he punches me and starts to laugh….That was really weird of my brother. Him still looking at me i see his face glowing red with black as if he was burning and his eyes were greenish with reddish color. I got so scared that i wanted to scream and move but i was paralyzed. All i did was close my eyes and started to tell god to make it go away. 5 min pass my brother is sleeping like if he was never woken up. o get up and get a glass of water….when then this big black shadow looking at me but i couldn’t see him all just the black shadow with no eyes or mouth. i turn on the light immediately and his not there!! but i saw a glimpse of someone running.
You may never know what holds your house….

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