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Near Death Expierence

Me and my friends were getting ready to go to school. one friend doing her hair (Jinx), On my Laptop (gracie), And Me (ella.) I was doing my make-up when in my mirror something moved. I looked at y mirror and there was nothing there. I shrugged it off and carried on with what i was doing. Jinx suddenly squeaked and when I looked over at her and Gracie they were staring at me. Or right through me. I smiled and asked what was wrong but the fear on their faces seemed to grow. I walked towards the asking what was wrong but they just stared. I turned slowly as they weren’t staring at me and stumbled in surprise. A ‘thing’ was stood by my door. Just inside my cupboard. I didn’t know what to do i just stared. I mean come on. A girl like me couldn’t really do anything. What ever it was moved towards us. I stepped backwards until i reached Gracie and jinx. Me and jinx continued stumbling backwards until we reached a wall but gracie was frozen with fear. It got to gracie and what appeared to be a hand streched towards her. Me and Jinx just watched as the figure ccupped her head and laughed.

Next thing i knew jinx was infront of me saying the lords prayer with a cross in her hand. I swiped my necklace with the cross on it and held at arms length infront of me. I grabbed a bible (Yes a bible. I have no idea why i had a bible but i did) and started reading out the lords prayer. It just seemed to shimmer away with a screech so loud it hurt our ears. I turned to jinx both astonished and proud until i heard a thud. Gracie Lay motionless on the floor. We rung an ambulance and luckily Gracie survived. But the memory of Gracie’s near death expeirence haunt’s us all. Sometimes no matter where we are. If all three of us are together all of us hear a screech of laughter and Gracie feels a terrible pain in her throat. I still live there. I have had other expirences where I myself have been attaked but I don’t know what to do. And As a 15 year old girl. I can’t just get up and go. Can I?

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