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Scary Floating Mask

This scary story happens when I was 7 or 8 years old.. Our house is located in the cemetery. Our house has a terrace, near it has and open ceiling of our neighbors house.

I always feel that something is watching me over there. Then I noticed a floating mask just like in Bacolod Maskara Festival.. I look at it and it steer on me too, and smiling…. The mask always appears every 9 o’clock in the evening…and i always see it but when I reach 11 years old it was gone already, it never show to me… I am scared with that mask but because, the owner of the house told me, that 15 years a ago that house was rent by a lady in Bacolod, the man said that the girl has a mask… And I ask him were is the lady now…he said to me that the lady has been killed by his live in. And 3 years that house was not been occupied….. he said to me that he sometimes hear crying in that house….

But now the house was bless by the priest and the ghost mask of the lady had never been seen again.

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