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Baby Can See

I am still living here, my mom, me and my brother 3 of us in this house saw alot of “good brothers” in our house sometime we even joke they came here for party, no matter where we move, we still can see them, they are everywhere, who knows when u or me reading or writing this they are already beside us watching, my baby is 8 month old now, i believe he see it too, coz everytime i changes his diaper at his room he will stare into a direction and smile, alot of old people say babies can see alots of things which adult cant see, there was this time i brought my son out for dinner, suddenly he keep turning back and look behind his pram and cry, than i feel sometime wasnt right i keep telling him dont look but he keep turning, and nothing was behind him, i cant have my dinner i was so angry and i shouted behind his pram i shouted,”stop disturb my boy, i dont scare you show out if u dare”, everyone was looking at me thought i was crazy but it help, my boy stop crying and i have my peaceful dinner, and anothr time it happen again, another table sit a lady with a dog and the dog barks at the direction same as my son was looking at, thats is why everytime before dinner I have to mumble like a nuts to tell “them” go away dont bully a baby, sometimes they are just a playful bunch they mean no harm…so dont be afraid just nag at them, they will go away…unless…you did something wrong to them than i suggest you talk nicely to them…

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