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Pontianak in Montfort

Okay , I’m going to relate to you a true story that happened in montfort junior to me and my friends when we were in primary 6.

This happened at around 5~6+ a.m. Being boys , my friends and I loved to wander around the school when it was still dark as it was ” exciting ” for us , we had done this many times but did not find anything.

BUT , on this one occasion , we were going up the staircase near the lift those studying there now should know where it is near the mathepolis. ok , so we were going up , then suddenly , we heard a scream then the rest of my friends ran down leaving me and another one of my friends , Ang , in the middle of the staircase. when everyone had ran down , we were at the 4th floor and it was really dark. out of a sudden , we heard a really high pitch voice laughing really loudly , ang had turned back to run but I just stood rooted on the spot , I could not make sense of what was happening but ang , being a really nice guy , pulled me and ran down as fast as he could. When we had reached the 1st floor , I asked ang whether he had heard the laughter and he said yes. the funny thing was , none of my other friends could hear it . this happened only last year so all montfortians , please beware and do not use the staircase near the lift mathepolis in the morning where it is really dark…

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