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Freaky School

My XXXX school is said to have ghosts. At first I didn’t believe anything they said, as I thought all of them are rubbish. But as time goes on, there are a lot of ghost stories lurking around the school. What’s freaky about the school is that beside the school, there’s a temple, which I fear the most when it is raining hard and you could see the yellow and orange lights being turned on.

Some stories are:

1- There’s a playground at my school where it has a swing, monkey bar and see-saws. The swing is the nearest to the temple. It is said that students who played alone there got possessed.

2- The toilet is very freaky there even though in broad daylight. It’s especially freaky when it’s raining hard and you’re going to the toilet. It is on the 1st floor where the canteen is too and it is the only toilet. You could feel that “someone” is there too. Imagine going alone!

3- On the second floor, there are the classrooms for primary students and some secondary students.. Near the Primary 3 students class, there is a fan nearby it. Many students have said that there is a “pocong” there.

4- On the third floor, there are classes for the Primary 5′s and 6′s and secondary. At each of their classroom, there is a small cottage where we put things inside. One of my friends saw a “nenek kembayan” there. The small cottage is at the rooftop. My sister had told me that actually the rooftop cannot be open but they still opened it. I guess it’s because of the nenek kembayan there.

Many students said they have saw ghosts at my school. Now, my school have rebuilt somewhere in Paya Lebar. My old school is said to be rebuilt into a somewhat small company, I think. Well, good luck for those who are working there~

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