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Ghost Of My Friend

My friend told me about this at my school. My school is at Paya Lebar. My friend, N, told me that she saw my other friend, Z, at my school even though she was absent. It goes like this:

My friend N was sitting at a chair eating some chocolate about 7.05 in the morning at my school. She then saw my other friend, Z, came to her and sit next to her. As she was absent the other day, N asked Z if she want to know what homework there are. N told Z everything about the homework and assignments she needed to do. Then, she told N that she needed to go to the toilet. N said okay and Z went to the toilet. Minutes past by and she didn’t come back even after assembly. About 7.50 am, N and my friends all went up to our classroom and still Z didn’t came back. On 8 am, it was our P.E lesson and we all went up to Level 6 for badminton court. N was climbing up the stairs on Level 4, reaching Level 5. As she was climbing up, suddenly, Z was beside her. So then she asked Z, “Awk tadi pergi mane?” that means “Just now where you go?” Z replied: “I just went to the toilet.” N nodded and felt something chilly. Then suddenly Z said that she was tired and said that N should go first. So N went first and for the rest of the day learning and schooling, she didn’t saw Z again. Until tomorrow she went back to school normal again. We asked her if she went to school yesterday to take any books, but she said she didn’t. That really freaked us out.

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