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The Third Eye

I just had a casual interview with a friend who claims he has the third eye. Incidentally , his personal accounts tally with other friends who claim to have such ability. Despite the notion of half truths , i guess it’s logical to believe the concept of the third eye. Our bodies are like a TV set programmed to receive only a select number of frequencies ,and some people are tuned into another frequency , hence they’re able to receive another channel , and in this case – the third dimension. I’ve read of articles posted where individuals have downed bottles of cough syrup and witnessing events from the other world – for example , such an individual actually saw faint sillouettes of children playing around him right after he downed 3 bottles of cough syrup -presumably Codeine , which is abused as a recreational drug.As a result of its side effects , his body’s frequency could have been “tuned” to another level ,hence causing such .. in scientific terms..”hallucinations”. Any opinions ?

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