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Suntec City Fountain

I had a strange experience after visting the suntec city fountain – i went thrice around in a circle to touch the fountain water for assumably for luck.When i went home , all the lights at home blew.I felt lethargic as well at that point.

There’re many orbs representing supernatural energy inherent in pictures taken at night at the fountain area,especially prominent when you use a digital camera on infra red. If you observe pictures stored inside the picture kiosk near the souvenir area , you’ll witness in several of the pictures , a huge congregation of orbs , or rather , intense masses of energy.

So i’m convinced that the feng shui design of the fountain has attracted a congregation of “other” energies. There’s also a theory that if you have negative energy around you,the structure of the fountain will absorb it off you and vice versa if you have positive energy. Whatever it is , i have never visited the fountain again despite all the excitement about it…

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