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East Coast Park

This story took place in East Coast Park. There is a stretch of synthetic water barriers to prevent erosion to the shore(not breakwaters) beside the park where people water ski. It is located right beside the small bridge there and the barriers are rather steep with a small field of grass and small tress behind it.

I was eating at there with my girlfriend one day and we sat down on the edge of the coast with our legs hanging down from the synthetic barrier on that long stretch after dinner. It was a very windy night and while she’s hugging me, I closed my eyes to relax. When I opened my eyes, I saw a middle aged man who was wearing a outdated polo t-shirt and apparently standing on that steep slope (his lower body was not in my field of vision) staring at me with big yellow eyes and neat short combed hair from roughly 0.5 meters away from my face. I immediately jerked and pushed my girlfriend away but he was gone. Till now, I did not know whether or not is it just my hallucination but I never approached that shore again.

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