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Ghostly Encounter

Hi all. Before I start the story, let me introduce myself first. My name is Gevun, I am 11 years old. (I know I’m quite young )Ok, so here’s the story. It was Monday when my father and mother went to dancing lesson from 7 – 10pm in the night. I was left with my elder sister ( 23 yrs old ), my little sister ( 5 years old ) and my little brother ( 7 years old ). At that time, my sister was quite “tomboyish” and she decided that I, my little sister, and little brother, to go with her for a walk in the park. ( My house’s backyard was facing the park. ) So we all agreed and started wearing our shoes. Then we started off to the park.

Taking our second round around the park, suddenly no electricity. I asked my elder sister to bring us back home. Instead, she bought us to meet her punk friends ( 5 of em ) which was all also tomboyish like my sister. One of them bought a guitar and my sister sang with them. After 2-3 minutes, we heard a sound saying “Ooi jangan bising!!” (Don’t be noisy!! As we were ). My sister and her friends stopped playing the song and one of my sisters friend said she saw a lady in white dress and long hair and pointed to where she saw the woman. All of us turned to where she was pointing and saw the lady sitting near the roadside.

My little sister and brother said they were afraid and all of us went near the lady ( The lady was crying )When my sister asked what happened, the lady suddenly lifted up her head and laughed like hell. I saw that her face was half rotten and her mouth can see her skull. One of her eyes was gone with blood spilling out. We ran like hell one hand holding my little sister and one hand holding my little brother. I didn’t care I just wanted to get out of that place my sister and brothers leg was not touching instead they’re flying because I was running so fast till they can’t keep up. When I arrived near my house, my heart was beating so fast that I think its going to burst out! When my parents heard about this, they scolded us and never left us home alone again. After that night, my sisters friend, my brother and sister including my sister was sick for 1 week. Also, my sister and her friends changed their behaviour after that.

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