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Man Give Greeting

This incident happened a few years back, at my old house. It was located in Jurong West Street 61.

It was a cool night and the whole family were doing their own stuff in their own respective rooms.

At about 9 plus at night, I heard a man’s voice giving a greeting, “Assalamualaikum.” (“Peace Be Upon You”). I rushed out to check who it was.

To my amazement, there was nobody there. A few seconds later, my mom came out to check. I looked at her in bewilderment.

I asked her, “Mama dengar orang beri salam?” (“Mama, did you hear someone give a greeting?”).

She nodded. And she too was surprised that there was nobody at the door.

I quickly went to my sister’s bedroom, and asked both my sister and my grandmother whether they heard the greeting. They said no.

This was very weird because only my mom and I could hear the greeting VERY CLEARLY.

My grandmother told me that it could be God who gave the greeting. As for me, I believed it was my late grandfather who maybe was dropping by for a visit.

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