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Black Leprechaun

This happened on a recent ICT i went. My buddy and i were doing sentry at the gate at this Murai camp which is in the middle of nowhere in Lim Chu Kang.

Sentries are supposed to be behind the concertina wire in a secured area. but my buddy and i are somehow drifting out to the front of the concertina wire.

Outside the secured area is a cross junction. the area is pretty big. suddenly, out of my eye, something black flashed across the road at inhuman speed. how inhuman ? 1 second over 30 metres is inhuman.. to me -.-” My buddy asked if i saw it, i gave a negative reply. well.. we should probably discuss it AFTER we leave the spot. right after i gave my reply.. a black dog ran towards us.. through the concertina wire.. and into the deployment grounds -_-” Well.. we haven’t really recovered ourselves from the first black shadow.. so we can’t stop the second black shadow in time..Now, i believed that the first black shadow and the 2nd one are the same.. its an extremely fast dog..

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