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Something Happened

This happened like 3 years ago. I was working in this company in Hermosa, CA and It was 7 pm when I left the building. I was already eating my dinner at home when someone paged me from work, telling me that our main fileserver broke down, needing immediate attention. I work 8 hrs. a day (9-5) but when things like this happen, either the technician or the sysadmin should be there to fix the problem. I called our technician but he wasn’t available so I went by my own.

To my big surprise, ALL lights in the office were ON. Lights are always OFF whenever the last person leaves the office. I looked in the control room – All systems are up, fileservers are running smoothly, and lights are ON.Someone must be pulling a trick on me. I just ignored it. It just happened that the next day, I learned that the guy who paged me was our technician who got killed in a car accident that very same day at 7:00 PM!!!

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