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The Old Lady

My parents once told me that one night, they were talking late at night until midnight. Everything was quiet. No one else was up, as hardly anyone stayed up that late.

Suddenly, they heard a baby start to cry from far off. To their surprise, the baby’s cry got closer and closer to them. They thought that maybe someone was out walking with their baby, and that baby was crying. Seeing that it was very very late already, this was a strange notion as well.

The baby was sounding as if it was right next to them now, when, to their shock, they saw not a baby but an old lady with snow-white hair, wearing different clothing from them. Not bothering to find out more, they just ran straight home!

The next morning, they heard that one of the old ladies in their neighborhood had just passed away at around 5:15 am. When my parents told their story, other people also said that they saw her last night around midnight as well. They all heard the baby cries as well, and when she was close to them, they all said that she was very ugly…

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