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WWII Ghost

Corregidor island (in the Philippines) has hundreds of ghost stories from the second world war because of the many fatalities that occurred on that island during the 40′s. This one is the most famous of all.

An American serviceman and a Filipina nurse were lovers during that tumultuous time. Every night, they would meet under a humongous narra tree in front of a bomb shelter to spend as much time as they could with each other.

One night, the serviceman failed to show up, causing his girlfriend to wonder of his whereabouts. Little did she know that he had died in action that day. She never found out what had happened to the love of her life and she died later on due to depression and insanity. Up to this day, sightings occur of an insane woman, clad in a nurse’ uniform of the 40′s. She bears in her had a syringe and has an evil, insane look in her eyes. On the anniversary of the death of her lover, her ghost is seen under that tree, which still stands to this day.

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