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A Story

Here’s a story, I read this in the Miri Daily News. Oh, by the way. The spookiest place in Sarawak is probably Limbang, NOT Miri. OKAY?

There’s this hospital situated at the other side of a river in Miri. Every time you need to go to the hospital, you’ll have to take the ferry. ( Well actually this is an old hospital. The new hospital is situated nowhere near the river.)

Let me continue. One night, an old man was operating the ferry.He was at the opposite side of the river where the hospital was, and no cars or automobiles had crossed the river since an hour ago. He knew soon they’ll be cars for the visiting hours will end soon. Then he saw a group of people standing at the pier of the edge of the hospital,making a lot of noise and he saw the lights of cars and motors. So slowly he steered his ferry to the other side of the river. When he reached there, NOBODY was there. Not a single person at all! The atmostphere was still and silent and eerie and he almost fainted.

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